Zapraszamy na wykład doc. dr Martynasa Petrikasa

Termin: 17.11.2016
Miejsce: Kraków, ul. Gołębia 20 s.16

Zapraszamy na wykład doc. dr Martynasa Petrikasa (Uniwersytet Wileński) nt. „The Post-Soviet Theatre of Lithuania: History, Continuities, Hybridity”.

Miejsce i czas: Wydział Polonistyki, czwartek 17 XI o godz. 11:30, s. 16 przy ul. Gołębiej 20.
Język wykładowy – angielski.

The aim of my lecture is to give a survey of contemporary developments in Lithuanian theatre. I have chosen three different perspectives that help to understand the patterns of change the theatre underwent since re-establishment of Lithuanian independence 1990. First perspective considers change in theatrical tradition with its characteristic division between autonomous and socially engaged theatre. Second is a perspective of dominance. I will dwell on Raymond Williams’s idea of tripartite forces, which form any given field of culture: “the residual”, “the dominant” and “the emergent” (Williams: 1977). Such an approach will help to understand current structure of Lithuanian field of theatre. Finally, I will address the perspective of aesthetics where I will define currently dominant form of Lithuanian theatre as a hybrid, strongly dwelling on the legacy of late Soviet Lithuanian culture as well as on the postmodern faculty of deconstruction and rearrangement.

(-) dr Beata Kalęba
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